Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Weigh-in

4/20/2008 - Family Photo

I don't post weigh-ins on Mondays, but today is different.

I have been told by many people to only weigh-in one day a week because otherwise I'll get discouraged. Well, I think for me weighing in every day is a good thing. It helps keep me motivated and helps to keep my focus toward my eventual goal of losing 46 pounds.

Today I finally broke through the 220lb barrier. I weighed in at 219. That's a huge goal for me, mostly because it's been forever since I weighed 220. My senior year of high school I was 210 so I'm getting back there. I can definately see more definition in my chest and abs and my stomach area is definately getting smaller. My biggest problem is my "love handles". Those things are definately the last thing to shrink. My waist has shrunk considerably, but my love handles have stayed exactly where they were. If you have any ideas for getting rid of love handles (short of liposuction), please let me know! All I can think of is doing more cardio, more fat burning, etc.

I'm still working out, playing racquetball, etc. I've been doing the spinning class pretty much every morning after playing racquetball. Some of the instructors are better than others. This morning the class was quite small but the instructor is cool because she plays country music, whereas most of the other instructors play rock or hip-hop.

I also ran the other day for 3-4 miles non-stop while pushing Tyler in his running stroller. Jaime and I are doing a 5k in a couple of weeks and I hope to do a 10k in a month or so. I really need to invest in some decent running shoes though. My knees took a beating on the last run.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Man, have I ever been busy. We went up to Virginia for Easter then I left Sunday to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico for business. I'm back in town now, but it seems like I can't catch a break. I'm still working out regularly (every day) and I'm really enjoying it. My weight has plateaued a bit but I'm still losing -- slowly but surely. I was a bit surprised that I actually lost any weight this week with all of the plantains and bacalao that was around in Puerto Rico.

I'm down to 223 pounds. I'm committing today to get back on my serious calorie counting. I've got 23 pounds to my goal weight.