Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weigh-in & Weekly Update

Today I weighed in. Unfortunately I'm still holding at 219. It's really time for something to change. I'm sure it's my diet -- it's certainly not my exercise. I haven't been a stickler for the diet lately. I haven't been doing terribly, but I haven't been doing that well either. With crazy work schedules and everything else it gets difficult.

Mike and I met a girl at the gym this morning that has lost more than 200lbs. Talk about inspirational!

In terms of health, I've been doing OK. I'm definately getting older. Yeah, I'm not old yet, but I can certainly feel more pain than I used to back in the college days. My feet are the latest ache I've been having. They just hurt, deep down inside, even when I'm not working out. I'm going to try new shoes first and see if that helps out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back from the Run

Jaime and I made it back from the run. Tyler got upset the last half mile, but other than that he was fine! I think I'm going to do fine on the upcoming 10k race Jaime and I are doing. We'll have a babysitter for that one though.

Post from the Suwanee Greenway

I'm making this post from the Suwanee Creek Greenway while waiting for Jaime to get back from the house. Tyler is getting a little impatient and I don't know if he'll make it 6 miles.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5K and Weigh-in

Saturday Jaime, Tyler and I ran the Big Peach Running Co.'s 5K. It was interesting and fun. It's the first 5K I've ran in a while and I think I'll do more.

All runners with strollers were told to get in the back of the starting pack, so us being the rule-followers we are we obliged and got into the back. The starting gun fired and the people in front of us just stood there or walked ever so slowly. We ended up weaving through people, running over a few people, etc. but we finished strong. I pushed Tyler most of the way and let Jaime push him about the last 3/4 mile or so.

My official time was 32:52, but again with the slow start that's not really indicative of anything. As we rounded the first mile marker they were calling out 13 minutes plus or minus, which means I ran the last 2.1 miles at a 9.4 mile pace, pushing a stroller. Not bad I guess. I need to improve my times but running a 5K slowly is always better than sitting on the couch eating potato chips!

The photographers at the race didn't get a good picture of me but they did get the guy in front of me. I'm not sure how long this link will be up, but you can click here for a photo. I'm wearing the bib #1980.

This morning I also weighed in (I know, I know...on a Tuesday). I'm still holding strong at 219lbs. I am seeing more definition in my abs, etc so something is working. I just need to keep at it and maybe one day those love handles will start coming off. I know there's still plenty there that I can lose.