Friday, April 24, 2009


This morning I weighed in and was a little surprised to see 40lbs on the scale. I actually didn't make it to the gym on Wednesday because of craziness going on at work, so with missing a workout this week I didn't expect good results.

It's been a long road, but I gotta say that losing 40lbs is pretty cool!

When I first walked into the gym this morning I picked up a 40-pound curl bar. I wanted to see how it felt. I cannot believe that I carried around that much extra weight on my body. No wonder I was miserable.

Yes, getting up at 4:30 every just sucks. But once I roll out of bed, put on my gym clothes, look in the mirror and see the way I am now vs. the way I used to be, there's no going back to bed for me.

I love going to the gym.

I love hitting the weights and doing unassisted dips until I can't do them anymore. I love the treadmill and the stairstepper and I love the spinning classes.

Life is good.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Update

It's been 10 days now and still no caffeine. Honestly I don't even crave it right now and I'm party motivated by the fact that I'm seeing more positive results when I step on the scale. Plus, I know that all of those weird chemicals in Diet Coke can't be good for you. They may not be bad for you, but they're certainly not good for you.

Also if you notice on the right side I hit 208 pounds this morning. Just gotta keep on keeping on.