Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So what's been going on with me? Well, I'm continuing the gym ritual and still watching what I eat. I still eat no french fries and watch everything I eat.

I have finally dropped off the deep end. I will be running a marathon this November...yes...a full marathon! My good friends Bryan and Travis, both marathon veterens, will be running it with me. They say they are going to run it at my pace and I will enjoy the company and encouragement. The training goal is to run it in 4 hours, which is quite aggressive for me. That means a little over 9 minute miles. I can do 9 minute miles, but I'm not sure I can do 9 minute miles for 4 hours! All in all though, I'm not too concerned about the time...I just want to run hard and finish strong and keep walking to a minimum. If I finish within 4:30 I will consider it a successful race.

I am in the 4th week of training and so far I have found it to be quite fun. My long running days are on Sundays and I run early in the morning. It's so peaceful out at this time and I really enjoy seeing my community up close. We miss so many details as we speed by in our cars. It's nice to just look around to see the each little thing that makes up our town.

The training schedule is comprised of three running days each week. One day is an easy day, one day is speed work and the third day is distance work. This week is actually an easy week though, with all three days consisting of 5 mile runs. This past Sunday I ran 10 miles! It was awesome, but coming back to my house through my neighborhood requires and uphill run about the last 9/10 of a mile.

After the 10 miler I thought to myself "ok, so for the marathon it's like running that all over again, then running a 10k (6.2 miles)". A 10k used to be close to my limit, so this is definitely outside of my comfort zone, which I like.

If I do something that I know I can do, I have done nothing. If I do something and have my own personal doubts about my ability to do it, then I feel that I have really done something.